The story of Darius Renner

The second year will be dedicated to three people. In addition to the three-year old Mária, who was awarded the first year, we acquainted with the story of 21-year-old Radovan from Trebišov. The third beneficiary will be Dárius whos story you can read below.

My name is Dárius Renner, I was born on July 15, 1998 in Kežmarok. Currently I live in Prešov, I have four yeard younger sister Dušana. My diagnosis muscular dystrophy was diagnosed to me in about 7 years. Untill then I attended a doctor who claimed to me that I have only flat legs.
We thought so untill one orthopedic doctor in Kežmarok said it was a muscular dystrophy which was confirmed by neurotical and genetic examinations. Since the childhood I walk a bit worse than my peers and had enlarged calf muscles. It was getting gradually worse during pre-school age. I often fell from my feet and I had trouble getting up from the ground, I was walking over tips – due to the shortened Achilles tendons. After 4th class I couldnt get up the stairs on my own.

In July 2008 I celebrated my 10th birthday and from November that year I did not move without a wheelchair. These days I find it problematic to raise my arms over my head level, I cant hold my head still without help. For activities such as eating, dressing up, personal hygiene I need help from someone else. My life got a little easier when Organization of muscular dystrofica in Slovak republik gave me an electric wheelchair.
Despite my illness I succesfully completed elementary school. I started studying at the secondary school Digital Media Graphics and in around one year a graduation is waiting for me. If my health allows me I am planning to study philosophy on some collage afterwards – maybe even some other school.
I would like to thank all those who contribute financially or otherwise, as well as those who will participate in the run.